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About Biogas Power Plants:

GRE FICFBガス化装置の稼動・計画状況

  Country CityGenerated
Power (MW)
Start of operationOperating company
 1  Austria Gussing2.02002AE&E, Repotec, GRE
 2  Austria Oberwart 2.82008Ortner Anlagenbau
 3  Austria Villach3.72010Ortner Anlagenbau
 4  Germany  Ulm5.02011Repotec
 5  USA Woodland 0.3On test runWest Biofuels, GRE
 6  Thailand Nong Bua1.0Under constructionGP Energy, GRE
7 Sweden Gothenburg 20.02014GP Energy
8 India Madurai2.3 Late 2015Repotec
9 Slovakia 1.0Under constructionGP Energy, GRE
 10  Serbia Bor0.5Pending approvalPAN NON OIL, GREG, Globex
11 Serbia Priboj0.8 On test runPAN NON OIL, GREG, Globex
12 Serbia Brus5.0Under constructionPAN NON OIL, GREG, Globex
13 Serbia Nova Varos5.0Under constructionPAN NON OIL, GREG, Globex
14 Japan Akita1.0 2015Edison Power
15 Japan Kumamoto1.0 After 2015Edison Power
16 Japan Kita Kanto1.0 After 2015Edison Power


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