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Solar generation + Li-ion Batteries

Solar Power Generation system with Emergency Batteries

Our solar energy generation system with emergency batteries

Edison Power’s Solar Generation system with emergency batteries

Installable on roofs of schools, factories, office buildings etc.
Gain profit by selling generated power in normal times,
Able to supply power in cases of emergency!

The world's largest market share, 
SAMSUNG SDI batteries are used.

EDISON POWER takes care of everything!
From installation of solar panels&batteries,
to management&operation!


1. Advantages of our solar generation system with batteries

In cases of emergency, Edison Power’s solar generation system (+batteries) can provide water pumps, computers and other electronic devices with electricity. It does not require any manual switchover; when the power goes out, it starts to operate itself automatically, providing power to those devices.

Moreover, there is an electricity buyback program in Japan, through which the power produced using the system can be sold to utility firms. This buyback can be continued up to 20 years guaranteed.
During the daytime, the cost of electricity can be saved using the “peak-shift” function.


2. Circuit Block Diagram

  • During the daytime, electricity is generated using the solar panels, and then sold to utility companies.

  • Normally, both critical & general devices are run with grid-connected power from utility companies.

  • In cases of emergency, the critical devices are automatically connected to UPS to be able to run properly.     

  • Even if the power outage continues, the system can still be recharged with the solar panels using the self-operated power conditioner.

  • Remote monitoring is also available upon request.

  • The capacity of batteries & solar panels can be customized to suit your needs.

  • With the timer function in the batteries, the system can be recharged during the night instead of the daytime. (peak-shift)

    *”Critical devices” are the ones that should function at all costs at times of natural disaster.


3. Approximate cost & income of our solar generation system with batteries

Output power of solar panels30 kW50 kW100 kW200 kW
Area required for installation230 ㎡400 ㎡790 ㎡1580 ㎡
Initial investment
$120,000 $178,000    $340,000  $623,000
UPS storage capacity16 kWh32 kWh48 kWh96 kWh
UPS weight200kg400kg600kg1200kg
Expected yield of sold power
in 20 years
$170,000$284,000$570,000 $1,134,000 
Expected years to earn back investment14 years13 years12 years11 years
final income
$57,000 $113,400 $243,000$421,000

*All specifications vary depending on your conditions.
*All figures calculated on basis of $0.25/kW.  Expected yield of sold power differs from town to town.
*If the battery’s capacity excesses 14kW, a notification to local fire department is required.
*Even on locations where solar panels are already installed, it's possible to attach our batteries to them.

4. What can you do with emergency battery system?

A list of simulation with a system of 100 kW solar panels with 45 kW batteries:

No. of
Flat screen TV150W2300W103kWh
Pump for tap water5000W15000W420kWh
Air conditioner450W1450W104.5kWh
Desktop computer220W3660W106.6kWh
Laptop computer20W240W100.4kWh
Cell phone charger10W20200W102kWh
Grand Total36.62kWh


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