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Edison Power ―bringing well-being with our Li-ion Batteries, Solar & Biogas power generation.

Company Profile

Company Profile

Our Mission

We firmly believe that with natural, renewable energy, we can contribute to providing solutions for a better society.

From our CEO


CEO Toshimasa Yamada

  1. Born in Hiroshima, in 1949.
  2. B.S. in Engineering, Kyoto University.
  3. M.S. in Engineering, Tokyo University.
  4. Studied at Harvard Business School.
  5. Former official of Ministry of International Trade & Industry (Energy/environment)
  6. Former member of the House of Representatives.
Contributing to the society as an "Energy Solution Company."

We have been in business for 20 years. Ever since the beginning, we have been trying our best to contribute to the society by protecting the environment with our technology. It is now the era of breaking with nuclear power generation, and utilizing natural energy resources and renewable energy. We would like to continue what we have been doing for the last 20 years (manufacturing industrial size lithium ion batteries, installation of solar panels & power plants, energy management technology, biomass power generation, etc.) and contribute to making eco-friendly society.

1) Production of Reasonable Industrial size Lithium ion Batteries

Our new manufacturing plant, with the area of 66,200 square meter, was completed in January 2014. This battery manufacturing plant has a 2 Mega Watt solar power generation system connected to it. All the electricity used inside the plant is generated by this system.
In addition, we have formed a business alliance with the world's leading battery manufacturer, Samsung SDI, making the batteries more sophisticated and reasonable. Our new goal is to distribute Mega-Watt size batteries to remote islands for solar power generation systems.

2) Planning & Installation of Solar Power Generation Systems

From 2014, we have acquired 40 locations around Japan for a total of 400 Mega-Watt solar power generation. We are now doing contracting business of engineering & construction of power plants.

3) Biogas Power Generation

Our biogas generation system can collect 80% of energy from all kinds of waste materials. Unlike the conventional smoking method, the system directly gasifies the materials, making it much more efficient. This technology has already been introduced in Germany at 10 power plants, where they've decided to break with the conventional nuclear power generation.

Company Overview

Company NameEdison Power Co., LTD.
CEOToshimasa Yamada
Main Businesses

1) Administrative operation & management of natural energy power generators.
2) Contracting business of engineering & construction of power plants.
3) Manufacturing and sales of lithium ion batteries.

本店1-8-1, Kazusa Kamatari, Kisarazu, Chiba, 292-0818
Plant Location

1-8-1, Kazusa Kamatari, Kisarazu, Chiba, 292-0818
Ph: +81-438-52-06500 fax: +81-438-52-0601

Head Office Location

Mercros Bldg, 4th Floor, 3-3-9, Nihonbashi, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, zip: 103-0027
Ph: +81-3-6262-1470 fax: +81-3-6262-1475

Number of Employees45

Executive Team

CEO Toshimasa Yamada
Corporate Planner
Toshio Gima
Director Yasushi Sugimura
Director Ryoko Inabayashi
Director Noboru Kodama
Director Kohei Yamada
Auditor Eiji Yanokura